Thursday, October 7, 2010

Immiscibility: The Sacred Solvent

A droplet of water; so simple, so pure, so clear, and yet so amazing.

It is the staple of our planet, the life blood of our way, and the lubricant of biology that allows anything on planet Earth to exist. Yet, we take it for granted how grand this molecule really is to us as mortal beings enslaved to our thirst for it.

We absolve our reality assuming that it is just a plain and necessary evil, but not one that is quintessential or even just essential. At times, we deny and repel our desire to be one with it and yet we strain ourselves over our great lengths taken to overcome our addiction to it. When we are parched of it, we quench ourselves with it. It is a simple metaphor that literally plays with our existence in pluperfect form.

And yet the most interesting thing about this mystic liquid, commonly overlooked in everyday discussion, is that we are immiscible to it. Almost everything else in our world is miscible to it, yet that which relies upon it, from organelles to organisms, our chemistry, specifically organic chem, dictates that we are not soluble in all proportions with it.

We might think of it as a godsend, a pillar of truth, a foundation of faith to stand upon and lean into our future with a wonderful stride, we, the organic molecules, crying rivers in search of flowing fluids are mostly immiscible with this wordly water. And so the struggle, the suffering, and the tension of mortal spirits against the way, the tao, or also known as the path, begins and ends with the simple delight and splendid splendor called wicked water.

Pure. Crystal clear. The moderating moisture.

The sacred solvent.

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