Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Efficiency, Enlightenment, and Beyond

Wordle: Efficiency, Enlightenment, and Beyond (Tuesday, January 29, 2008)Wordle: Efficiency, Enlightenment, and Beyond (Tuesday, January 29, 2008)Wordle: Efficiency, Enlightenment, and Beyond (Tuesday, January 29, 2008)

Becoming Enlightened

I am becoming more and more enlightened everyday through music, philosophy, literature, current events, religious introspect, scientific discovery, and mathematical reasoning. This might sound odd, but to me seeking enlightenment is central to my being and to my original outlook on life. I lost this outlook for a time, but I regained it and it is stronger than ever.

The Path to Enlightenment

Many things have helped me achieve a continuing path to enlightenment. I started out as a young mind that looked for understanding in the world as I grew into an adult. Only in retrospect did I realize that I was on the right path and that everything I ever stumbled upon or believed in had influenced my path to enlightenment.

Knowledge of Life

What is this enlightenment that I speak of? It's the knowledge of life, the awareness of G*d and divinity, the synchronization between yourself and nature and with natural phenomenon. It is the philosophical grounding and perpetual introspect that is necessary to function at a high level of consciousness. It is the basis on using your mind as a tool of perception to merge all ideas from all walks of life into the syncretic divine. We are humans. We are animals. We are protectors of the planet. We are alive. We are social. We are creators. Evil and good exist in every scope of life and you are offered a choice to discern your actions based upon your soul (the collective consciousness of all your memories, thoughts, and moral imperatives and your physical hard-wiring as well as the software construct that exists deep inside your brain). The future is upon us, and the only constant is change.

Moments of Epiphany

I have had many moments of epiphany throughout my life from natural, irrational, glorious, unexpected, and even narcotic experiences. Eventually a persistent internal torturing of the mind nurtured my epiphanies that followed. Those epiphanies forced me to face the surreal and introspective demons and emerge a mentally strong individual adamant on the advent of positive thinking, hope, and capable of anything. My path through life has been hard at times and then easy the next minute, but definitely it has been interesting and thorough in many respects. I am currently still pursuing my dreams and aspirations and attacking the battlefront of the increasing weight of the master-clock of time by systematically and efficiently using the latest tools available to log, track, organize, project, and efficiently utilize the few moments of time that exist each day to my fullest advantage.

Nature and Loving It

I have come to know nature again. I used to be in touch with it, but lost touch through living in the big city away from the "bubble" (The Woodlands, TX) where woods prevailed. I then came into various moments of enrapture with my hobby of surfing and love for the mystical ocean. I became inclined to like the lovely hill country once I moved to San Antonio and then to San Marcos. It has definitely brought me back to nature. I was most recently influenced to make a difference in the world environmentally by a few unexpected factors. My now ex-girlfriend and her habits of recycling and then Al Gore. Don't rush to judgement about my beliefs on global warming or because Al Gore motivated me to rationalize my concern for the environment, but yes I think for myself and I used my own intellect to draw my own conclusions about the moral implications of inaction. The global warming issue is a separate and albeit important issue, but not related to my moral moment of clarity regarding nature and inaction. Thus, I arrived at my current beliefs that are sound and valid. I seek only the truth and altruistically I seek it.


I hope that everyone can begin to realize the consequences of their own actions and begin to be accountable for them. I personally think people have become complacent in their ability to actualize what they impact by their own actions. Many environmental campaigns seek action on individuals, yet they fall on deaf ears. People have begun to tune out the truth because it hurts. To be accused of waste or to be accused of an immoral action by your inaction is a personal attack and people try to defend themselves at all costs from such an attack. I say think of efficiency in exaggerated terms to pinpoint your necessities and reduce the waste. For example, imagine that gasoline costs about $20/gallon. At that cost, what type of driving habits do you force upon yourself. Necessity is more evident in such an extreme mental exercise. Imagine that "phantom power" from your electronics devices is equivalent to a leaky faucet. You wouldn't want to allow the leak to persist. You would call a plumber or fix it yourself almost immediately. Imagine that water is a precious commodity that you have to walk over ten miles to bring to your place of residence. If such a journey was required for your water, then you would value its conservation to a highest degree. It is this extreme mental makeover that is necessary to place the seed of a grassroots effort to alter society's perception on efficiency and waste. These mental distortions provide me hope that one day every mind can see the truth about efficiency and beyond. One day, we might all live amongst each other throughout the world in a harmony of all religions, science, and philosophy in a social utopia focusing upon the syncretic divine.


People are not as responsible as they might have been in the past generations. Everyday you hear about someone involved in a hit and run accident. Why do people avoid their responsibility? Why do people avoid any such tarnishing to their own self-esteem and lower themselves to immoral behavior. I think one of the best examples of a turnaround for such irresponsibility was Michael Vick's admittance to his injustices. He made a tough choice, but the honorable one. Hiding behind lawyers and pleas of nolo contendere is cowardly.

Words of Wisdom

Please take heed to the words of wisdom that I speak, but only that I speak these to enable those who have pushed off the inevitable as long as possible that we need to come to terms with our current moral situations. By no means, do I imply that I am perfect or anywhere close. I have wasted my fair share and for that I feel heavy guilt, but my inspiration comes from my bold initiatives to stand firm on my beliefs in the face of adverse reactions and to persuade people about the enlightenment that I have found.

Mother Gaea

Beyond being in tune with Mother Gaea and the life force that appears evident to me that exists in all beings on this planet, I have speculated on how to focus my efforts of enlightenment to make improvements in my own life for the betterment of myself, and for the betterment of those that I will influence and those that I will directly seek to help.

Embracing the Future

Embrace the future and see what is out there! I have found new tools brought forth by Web 2.0 that have given me a voice that is growing stronger and that I can manipulate the flows of information and ideas and progress in a systematic way forward.

Embracing the Sunshine and Starlight

The positive attitude revolves around the way you view the future, your viewpoint on the world, your viewpoint of yourself, and the forward progress no matter how old, how strong, how sick, or how impoverished or beaten down by the mishaps in life that you may be. Embrace the positive attitude like you embrace sunshine. Don't shun away from it vampirically, but look to it for hope. If you are nocturnal, then look to the stars for guidance in forward thinking and embrace the starlight of the cosmos.

Forward Progress

Forward progress in all aspects of life can be achieved until that last breath of life that you breathe. Do not give up, do not give in, do not subside in the ongoing pursuit of your happiness no matter the circumstances.

Carpe Diem

On that note, consider abolishing your New Year's resolutions! What?!? Yes, abolish them and establish a resolution that you will enact EVERY SINGLE DAY! Every day is a new day, a new year, a new beginning that you can strive to achieve your goals. Make your goals reasonable, yet set them high enough and you will begin to move forward with very little backsliding. Nothing is impossible because everything possible so far was originally considered impossible in the very beginning when darkness ruled the light.

The Revolution of the Self

Get your body in great shape mentally, spiritually, and physically. They all hold powers upon each other like a great checks and balances system that represents a revered republic. In order to maximize your results you need to focus on all aspects of your being. Spiritually seek out answers, physically practice and push yourself to new limits, mentally find ways to reduce your stress and start with eliminating the stressors in your life, and find a way to sync your biological being to the infamous bio-clock called the circadian rhythm. Once in sync with it, your body will find it easier to focus on the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of life. Improve your nutrition to emphasize your mental and physical powers and utilize your intellect to ponder the deep and impenetrable fortress of philosophic reasoning about religion and hope. Don't give up completely on religion, but look to it to answer your questions about where you have come. Look to it to find out how your entity represented by the coding blocks of your DNA has been transformed over thousands of human years and how the collective being of your nurtured upbringing considered by some as your soul has endured your life's progression thus far, and then ponder how your life has joined forces with the other humans currently alive at this juncture in history to be relevant for the future. Amen.