Monday, December 21, 2009

The Known Universe by AMNH

Friday, October 9, 2009

Noble Nobel

For all of those doubting his merits worthy of this award, I'd like to know from you an answer to the following question.

Who do you think is more worthy than he for this "peace" prize?

I'm not trying to start a heated debate, but only asking for your opinions about candidates purportedly "more worthy" for consideration for the Nobel Peace Prize than President Obama.

Personally, I'm surprised about the announcement, but when I first heard it on today's show, I reminded myself that this prize is for a person's efforts in global peace not scientific research or discovery. Those efforts are separate Nobel awards.

As far as his efforts in peace, I do think that President Obama has influenced the world in a mostly positive and peaceful manner and in numerous dimensions of impact for consideration for the award including being more thorough in his approach for world peace, having a far-reaching world-effect for peace and the collaboration of disparate peoples for peace, and most notably by breaking cultural, religious, philosophical, and political barriers throughout the world, far beyond the borders of this globally powerful nation, that he is the chief executive.

Yes, most of his "work" has been more or less just the sheer impact from his persona, charisma, and oratory performances, but this alone has changed the minds, opened the hearts, and actually made a difference to one degree or another. Coupled with his actual power, plans and actions for diplomacy, complex and ethically challenging executive decisions, and his efforts to make real the vivid narratives of peace that he has spoken about, I think that his promises for peace and general good will should have been acknowledged on a world forum and none other more satisfactory for this level of acknowledgement than the Nobel Peace Prize.

I'll cite Obama's inauguration speech with the "we will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist" remarks, his Cairo speech to the Muslim world (of which 25% of the world's population is Muslim), his "Tough Love" speech toward the African nations, people and continent, and his recent speech to US school children about responsibility and hard work as a few examples of his oratory expositions' simple, but influential impact upon the world with peace and understanding at the core of the ends of his means.

I'm sure not everyone will agree with me, but I do see the logic that the Nobel Prize Committee used for their decision, but unless I hear of someone else that has had a greater impact or greater merits of attempts for peace in the world than President Obama, then I do believe that the committee made the right decision and chose the best candidate for the award.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

La Canada Fire Time-Lapse

Amazing time lapse photography of the recent wild fires in California in stunning HD!

La Canada Fire Time-Lapse
Originally uploaded by anosmicovni

Monday, August 31, 2009

The Big Bang Explain in Roughly 2 minutes (HD)

This is a good short explanation of the Big Bang in a quick two minute video. Until recently, I did not understand the lack of spacetime before the "Big Bang" and I also fell victim to the vernacular of a bang translating to an explosion, which in reality is a misnomer.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Hubble Ultra Deep Field in 3D

No words are necessary to describe the significance of how profound this imagery is to humankind. Just watch, meditate, ponder and wonder, and realize your role in the universe.

Monday, August 3, 2009


Glacialality, originally uploaded by Jason A. Samfield.

An abstract fractaline photo-digital art that I created for fun.

I hope that you enjoy it!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vortices of Perspective Totality: Absurdity, Nihilism and Hope

I just read a quite interesting short article discussing recent psychological studies conducted with the conclusions that most normal people view things in life such as people, events, and even themselves in a rosier light than individuals exhibiting abnormal psychology such as depressed, obsessive-compulsive, and other similar types of disorders.

Here is the original article:

I find this very interesting and quite sobering if you consider the topics of absurdity, nihilism, and other deep existential concepts.

What is a life? What is certainty? What is something? What is nothingness? What gets you through the day and through your life on a daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal, or annual basis? Do you have more despair or more hope at any one moment in time? Do you think that your perceptions are distorted in such a way that presupposes a rosey picture in front of your mind to avoid the nagging absurdity of this life and existence? Is it possible that you create and manifest angels and saviors to prevent your intuition from completely giving up in the face of meaninglessness much like that of Sisyphus from The Myth of Sisyphus and originally greek mythology? Do you project hope upon yourself and onto others for your mutual survival as an evolutionary tool even though your mind is strong enough to understand the nothingness and absolution of reality?

All I have today are questions. I have recently read many answers, but I have none to postulate today towards a potential reader, even if that includes my future self! I am however full of questions and hypothetical thought experiments that should suffice in the absence of answers. Good luck with the philosoophic dialogue!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Antarctica Time lapse: A Year on Ice

This is quite a stunning visual journey of Antarctica through amazing time-lapse imagery.

It's breathtaking to see the natural wax and wan of the seasonal cycles from a cosmic perspective that we do not ordinarily witness in such great contrast because as humans we are bound to our mammalian timeframes, but by placing the scope of a year's time under a microscope and shrinking it into 5 minutes the details emerge and surface in our imagination.

HOME (English with subtitles)

You owe this 1 hour 33 minutes of your time to the planet Earth. Watch it and learn about your place in the cosmos and how your individual decisions are so important and impact the Earth so profoundly.

Liquid Metal

Slowly we are beginning to control every facet of the universe.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

World War 3

The Definition Of World War
The definition of war is not disputed much until non-traditional wars became prevalent in the news such as recent culture clashes combined with the infamous guerilla tactics, terrible terrorism or within sub-state organized crime syndication against civilized societies. However, what constitues "World War" could be disputed on a philosophical and terminological level. Is it war that reaches around the globe? Is it war that includes all major nations be involved on some level? At what point of conflict does a battle become a "world battle" such as war amongst the world?

The specific word that is very vague or grey in the usage is the "world" in World War. Why was Napoleon's conquests or other such expansions of power using brute military force and strategy such as Genghis Khan's empire considered to be "world" events worthy of a title of World War? Is it the technological advances in warfar? Is it the speed at which information is disseminated to the masses through the news wires? Was it the sheer world impact of the first World War had upon the global status quo or was it the fact that a globalized world finally existed at the time that the first battle began during this so-called Great War, the War To End All Wars? Or is it just a mere creation of the concept of what a World War is that caused the term to come forth into our nomenclature of conflicts?

I do not know the preclusions of the etymology of the usage of "World War," but I do know that the future global conflicts may evolve into a new type of conflict encompassing our previous meaning of World War much like the Cold War and the aftermath of the Cold War did in bringing ideological warfar and culture clashes to the forefront. So, will World War 3 even be called World War 3? Doubtful, but if such a succession of events were ever to arrive at nearly the same micro-timeframe synchronization in human events that would push us to label it as a World War, then it would be labeled as such and be very deadly as such. World War 3 will involve terrorism, guerilla, biological, and chemical warfare and will most certainly involve a nuclear blast. World War 4 or 5 would be much more likely to be fought against or with artificially intelligent machines capable of near psuedo-sentient behavior, but World War 3 will definitely happen much too soon for AI to play a major role in the warfare. Nonetheless, WW3 will be devastating, real, and severe if it were to happen. The question lies not when or if World War 3 will happen, but whether or not humankind has overcome the inevitability of human tribal nature through the use of organized conflicts for power. Are we at a point where the laws of MAD will always force us into a Cold War, or will we actually press the fire button this time and thusly eliminate the mind, body, and soul of another person armed with the ability to also press that button?

The Premoniton Of The Premises For World War 3
This is a premonition and a possible prediction, but I hope that it does not come true. This is merely a way of expressing my thoughts and opinions on current political conflicts from around the world. In my opinion, all of these conflicts are at their near breaking points for becoming full blown military engagements that will destaballize the world even more.

Most of these conflicts are already in flux and have reached certain boiling points. Others are reaching these boiling points day by day. Many of them are under the radar of western news other than a quick story here or there, but these conflicts have been brewing for many years.


Allied Western Powers:
EU, USA, Japan, South Korea, Israel, India, Australasia (AU and NZ), Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Canada

Allied Anti-Western Powers:
North Korea, Iran, Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan, Pakistan's new regime when the current one falls apart, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, possibly China, Vietnam, and Mexico

Conflicts of Interest

Conflict #1:
North Korea, Russia, China vs. South Korea, Japan, USA (Nuclear)
North Korea lauches attack on South Korea, Japan, and possibly HI, or AK, or CA. The USA responds vigorously and Japan/SK move their military into positions for a full blown offensive. China remains stagnant on the issue, but is arming its border with North Korea ready to either fight on NK or the allies sides. With internal pressure within the CCP to resist the west, China could go against the grain and take sides with North Korea as an ally in a passive aggressive move against the west and mostly the USA in an attempt to grab more power away from the USA, this time mostly politically instead of economically.

Conflict #2:
Iran vs. Israel (Nuclear)
Israel vs. Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, Syria (Terrorism)
Lebanon vs. Hezbollah (Regime Collapse, Terrorism)
Iran takes the opportunity to attack Israel to further it's power increase amongst Arab states and to take advantage of the nuclear chaos in the Pacific to make it's nuclear move. Israel responds with a nuclear retaliation. The Arab states surrounding Israel such as Syria and possibly Egypt coupled with Hezbollah and Al Qaeda make moves on Jerusalem, West Bank and other Israel settlements. A war between Israel and Arab allies against Arab enemies rages on in terrible bloodshed across the central areas of the Middle East region. Lebanon falls to Hezbollah terrorists and because of the USA's stretched military forces, the Iraqi border with Syria and Saudi Arabia become less stabilized and terrorist forces migrate towards the conflicts in Israel.

Conflict #3:
Pakistan, Afghanistan, USA vs. Taliban, Al Qaeda (Regime Collapse, Terrorism)
Pakistan vs. India (Nuclear)
Afghanistan, USA vs. Al Qaeda, Taliban (Regime Collapse, Terrorism)
Pakistan falls victim to the Taliban and the Taliban uses the nuclear chaos on two hemispheres to decide to launch a nuke at Pakistan's longtime nuclear neighbor India who makes a nuclear retaliation. Various terrorism occurs within India's borders and a nuclear arsenal has fallen into the hands of terrorists that are outspoken friends with Al Qaeda looking to assist them in an effort to attack other western interests in a future clandestine act of terrorism. Many nuclear weapons disappear among the chaos.

Conflict #4:
Honduras vs. Venezuela (Regime Collapse)
Honduras, USA, EU vs. Venezuela, Cuba, Russia (Cold War)
Venezuela makes a military action into Honduras looking to steal more power away from the USA from the historically strong alliance between Honduras and the US. Other nearby Central American powers are now weaker because of this bold move by Venezuela. Cuba quickly asserts its decidedly vocal alliance with Venezuela. Cuba also simultaneously asserts its position against the US as a sole western communist power. In concordance with its sudden vocal polarization against the US, Russia sees an opportunity to rekindle its Cuban amigos.

Conflict #5:
Russia, Moldova, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Georgia, China vs. USA, Poland, EU (Cold War)
Russia makes blatant chess moves against western interests attempting to bring more Kremlin control into Moldova, Cuba, Kazakhstan and Georgia. Russia asserts its continuation of communism advocacy and allies with Iran, North Korea and even Venezuela as strong oil powers with a superpower backing. Russia's recent economic rise has led itself to form a stronger force than during the Cold War. This time, Russia is for real, not quite as much as a show that it was during CCCP days. In its realization of a great opportunity with China and China's realization of a great opportunity to make waves in the world and emerge as the strongest of the strong, China and Russia become allies and China makes its decision against the western powers in North Korea for multiple reasons including angst against the Japanese from the second World War surfacing amidst the tensions.

Conflict #6:
Mexico, Drug Cartel vs. USA, Mexico (Drug War, Terrorism, Regime Collapse)
Amidst all of the world chaos, the gangs and violence within Mexico destabillizes the internal mechanisms of the corrupt government. The drug cartel takes a strong voice in border politics influencing even upper echelons of politics by forcing the Mexican president to declare the US as an enemy of the state because of it being a vast supplier of the arms that are causing bloodshed within its borders. Mexico decides to care less and less about border security and let's whoever cross whenever they like to cross. The USA tries to police its borders, but because of numerous political and government failures to keep the border safe, the military is called in to back up the border patrol. With a building military presence, the drug cartels feels pressured by the US and decides react with more violence & bold tactics instigating a war of terrorism and street-gang-guerrilla warfare against the US by striking everyone from civilians to law enforcement and the US military.

Conflict #1 and Conflict #2 independently occuring could easily trigger any of the other conflicts including whichever of #1 and #2 that does not occur first. Conflict #3 would grease the wheels of the machine of World War and would easily act as a great catalyst for #1 and or #2, but in itself would not necessarily lead to the World conflict. The only other conflict of interest that is sufficiently high-profile enough to set forth events and place chess pieces on the chessboard in a checkmate position would be Conflict #5 which might turn for the worse or smolder and simmer for a long time in a second Cold War. All of the other conflicts are containable and slightly preventable through many different means such as diplomacy, secret operations, and wielding of global power from the UN, USA, or a meeting of the G(x) minds to bring about a resolution averting a serious engagement. So, in summary, #1, #2, and #5 are the most significant and volatile situations that are not just flammable, but moreso explosive for forming the foundation of a World War to put into the great book of history of the first Holocene epoch.

Monday, April 13, 2009


I remember the days,
Actually mostly the nights,
And the mornings,
Of dawn's early precipice light,
Tinged with the illegal,
Trespassing away from my youth.

The dark and mysterious nights,
Leading me astray,
It was all so alluring,
I could not resist.

It was as if not the beautiful,
But the beautiful being disgraced by the ugly,
That was intoxicatingly so,
That I could not turn away.

The manufactured 3,4-MethyleneDioxyMethAmphetamine,
Coupled with a glittering dust of heroic diacetylmorphine,
That laced the crystalline,
So-called hydrogen H-bomb,
The female heroine heroin of chemical salvation.

The virgin tongue tainting the ferrous blood,
With man-made plasticity,
What somnolence was fast approaching,
And oh how the anxiety was annulled by the anxiolytic affect,
Pushing the emotive euphoria forcefully into my world,
And into my stable mentality, my mental stability, that I call my mind.

The consciousness became fuzzy,
The conscience evilly cooperative,
As the yellow-orange sodium-vapor lights grew eerily distant.
And the constant darkness of the night,
Was met with the loud thunder,
Of the futuristic drums,
Beating the tribal human nature,
Back into my heart.

I felt my blood muscle react,
The pace became fast,
As I pondered,
How evolved humans have become,
Since the Ethiopian origins disappeared,
Across the volcanic sons of Hadean,
The original seven pieces of ancient Pangaea.

I am but one simply small,
And ubiquitous grain of sand,
In this ever falling hourglass,
Yet I feel more than just special,
I feel chosen.

I feel chosen to be enlightened,
The occult has selected me,
The Gnostics have summoned me,
The mystics have prophesized my coming.

I am entwined with this exact moment of history,
Where I simultaneously exist as mortal and divine.

I breathed the cool air from her lips,
The pleasantly poetic symmetry,
Of a mysterious girl's modal mouth,
And her feminine molecular formation,
That has the essence and aura of gold,
The aura of an aurora that glimmers and glows,
The borealis of a clear crisp cold northern night and light,
In colors that confuse and mystify,
The minds of all men that walketh so.

Why is the female the ultimate beauty perfected,
The pluperfect form, idyllic companion delight,
Why is it she that makes all your troubles disappear,
And life appear dividedly divinely so,
For all those who encompass her freewill and spirit know.

And whilst I bear the thoughts,
Of mankind all in one breath,
Towards the heavens I begin my ascension,
Yet I know I am but mere mortal.

As I witness my own sense of being and status quo,
A huge heavenly deluge of insight is given to me,
One that foretells all and eternally escapes time's persistent forward march,
Binding it all together into a single simple shape yet complex,
An elegant embodiment that has but one solitary side,
While collapsing compactly all into itself,
All of the motions, both past, present, and future,
Adorning the contours of this visually stunning illustrious semblance,
All encompassing the physical realm, a true cosmic metamorphosis,
Everything and all.

It is the cosmic spiral of undulations,
That weave existence from void,
Into an apparent cyclical fashion,
While eluding even the brightest being,
Of its true singularity form.

As time reveals herself to me,
The melodic crystals of sinusoidal synthesization,
Emanating deep from within the magnetic silicone,
Penetrate through my cochlea and into the cortex of the aural,
The pure sounds caressed my mind,
Chemical synaptic response, synapse by synapse,
Neurotic neural node, neuron by neuron.

My machinery, so very sophisticated and hyper-advanced,
Had met its evolutionary equal,
In the midst of a mist, an atmospheric trance,
The brown sugar ingredient in my freshly baked good,
Imperialized the collection of networks that constitute me,
And developed an impenetrable logical argument,
The evolutionary revelation within my mental revolution,
The revolution of mine, the mind, my mind,
Our mental revolution,
All 100 billion of us.

A single interference of a pristine molecule,
Never before seen, tasted, nor felt by my being,
Through direct chemoreception it was received,
Disinclined to the spiritual realm,
Synthetically known to this mother, Mother Gaea,
Challenging the Earth, challenging the universe,
Challenging hell and heaven alike,
A molecule that challenged the mind, body, and soul.
Chemistry had somehow given me a challenge,
A gift of the Gods maybe, a gift of science more likely,
And it showed me for a split second the true colors of the universe.

The colors by which you cannot see,
The sounds by which you cannot hear,
The somatosensory by which you cannot feel,
The introspect by which you cannot think,
The divine by which you cannot be.

I was swept off my foundations of rationale,
By feelings that went far beyond the edge,
If you can call it an edge,
My wildest dreams,
My extreme passions,
My empathetic apathy.

I saw them,
The oneiric prisms,
Of pure joy and content,
That were multidimensionally redefining my realm,
And how I view the simple word of bliss.

Epiphanic enlightenment, kinetic knowledge,
Harmonious harmonic harmony,
Future-past in the present.

A strong calm dwindled,
Into my stream of consciousness it flowed,
Slowly, but surely decrescendoing into light, airy, faint comfort,
A calmly flowing pleasant feeling of pure comfortable contentment.

To this day,
I wish to return,
But regrettably regrettable,
I will never knowingly choose,
To walk so close to that dangerous edge,
The edge of the valley of the shadow of death,
Never again until that one day of judgment,
Is the day that is truly upon me by the divine G*d's will,
Or for some strange reason by the grace of mystique,
That I will find myself on that edge by the free will,
Of my own synergistic convergence upon a single thought,
That could propel my continuance of biologic senescence away,
Far, far away from this spaceship Earth,
This pale blue dot,
Circling around this one subatomic system of the solar.

I am in love,
Unrequited love,
Requited love that requires repartition,
Retrograde retribution to my noble mind,
All that I do not wish to endure to bring this love,
This romance of the chemical back to a spark.

I am full of sadness from desire,
I have seen and it has showed,
To me, myself, and I, the many more emotions and spectral spectrums of nuances galore,
That do definitely existentially exist in the knowledge of women, children, and men.

It has placed me into a state of listlessness,
Complacent with the emotions of angels,
The angelic annhilation of my stability,
Complete with a side of torpor, acedia, melancholy and ennui.

I feel the deadliest of the deadly seven steeping my kettle of sin,
For I cannot resist it and I am but one submissive soul,
To this deceleration as if I was a fly in molasses.

Yet, while I have abandoned my morals,
And dipped my foot into the lake of fire,
Nearest the farthest circle of hell,
From which the gate I entered where I chose to abandon all hope,
I do feel a strange sense of helpless hope.

I feel an embrace,
A sour embrace,
Slowly telling me the truth,
The truth of my sole soul,
The truth of the world's soul,
And the soul of truth.

THERE is no religion higher than truth.
There IS no religion higher than truth.
There is NO religion higher than truth.
There is no RELIGION higher than truth.
There is no religion HIGHER than truth.
There is no religion higher THAN truth.
There is no religion higher than TRUTH.

As each song lightens the opulent sky,
With the red fiery hues,
Of the seventh-hundred nanometric range of heavenly zeal,
I open my eyes as pinpoint pupils,
Letting light into the shoebox of my head.

I see the clouds billowing upwards,
As the solar radiation melts the vapor into invisibility.

I meet the day with a song rhythmically filled,
A bounty of basslines galore,
Solidifying the breathing atmospheres,
Of sonic accompaniment to my delusional state.

I was delirious,
But now I am complacently content,
At peace with myself, others, and all.

The day goes on,
And a cool summer breeze hits my skin,
As I truly fall into the twilight of midday's sleep.

In and out,
Luxurious lackadaisical relaxation,
Amongst my home where I feel no pain,
And discover the breeze entering nearby though it is barely spring.

My synaesthetic revolutions,
That mimic the movements of the sun and the stars,
Geocentric, yet heliocentric,
All within my head,
Meet in contradiction over the smell of a tropical wind,
The wind pushing against my spring sweat,
As the recent vernal equinox has barely just passed,
Yet a cool summer breeze hits my body and teases me so.

Astronomically abstaining from the contradiction,
I spell the inner words for which write my future.

Still, I feel a passion for the chemical sapience,
That my blood vessels soaked up like a dry sponge,
And I yearn for that day,
The day when I can walk again,
Into the Gnostic light emanating and illuminating,
Not from somewhere nor from within, but throughout.

I will walk upon such a true and valiant bridge of light full of fervor,
One day again,
Truly one day again,
One day again,
one day,


And on that one glorious day,
Time will stop, truth will ascend,
And I will lay at my creator's feet as a humble soul,
Watching the mortal die as I stand upon this bridge beyond time,
That stretches from Earth to the heavens,
Upon which no storm, no evil, no malice can affect,
Stronger than the force of anything imaginable.

I will not need to ask what lies below the bridge,
Nor what hinges are above that hold and suspend the bridge steadily so,
And I will surely not ask nor need to ask whether I am truly just standing,
On a regular spherical firmament amongst the heavens,
An orb amongst the stars,
In a fathomless void of infinite multitude,
A sea of deep black darkness with twinkling pointillism of shimmering distant brilliance,
In a form and shape of indescribable proportions.

Why, you might ask?

Because for I will know it throughout,
Throughout my eternal mind, immortal body, and effervescent soul,
Not from within, nor from somewhere, but absolutely, positively, throughout.

Stability will be a mere word,
That will have no meaning to my reborn self.

I will know that the bridge is secure,
The warmth not surreal,
And the contentment completely legitimate,
Because it will be a divine love,
That will permeate through my new blood,
And it will exist with me forever and always,
As I will have returned to the source,
The final destination,
The last stop,
Fully enlightened.

I will abandon optimism,
Unnecessary it will be to possess,
And I will preclude other human weaknesses,
I will not need hope,
I will discard desire,
I will exclude the emotions that I know so well,
Adoration and anger,
Despair and aspiration,
And I will trade them all,
For the full spectral reflections of the purest,
And simultaneously most heterogeneous forms that I know,
As a being only partially enlightened at present,
But a being that has seen a glimpse,
Of what can, what will, and what should be,
And that I surely hope and expect to find at the very, very, very end,
If there is really such a thing.

I hope that the warmth will welcome me,
As I saw that one day that I traded stable security for risk,
That I tread so close to the edge of the deep abyss,
As I tiptoed on the crest of the canyon,
And danced with the Devil against the LORD's will,
But whether the sinful nature of the dance was sanctioned by the righteousness of G*d,
The divine force, the Holy Spirit, Yeshua, Allah, Yahweh,
It is sanctioned by me because it gave me a glimpse of heaven,
A piece of the pie in the sky,
My own personal cloud for me to rest my gentle soul,
My feeble mind and my growing spirit.

I do believe that if it was not truly endorsed by the divine,
That there was an alternative path of endorsement,
By the sheer fact that I was given a shimmering and glittering glimpse,
And I saw what an eternity of bliss looks like,
It has renewed my faith and my religion,
It has shown to me that there is a light at the end of the tunnel,
That the heavenly river in the sky is not just an arbitrary anomaly,
That we are truly indeed a reflection of our creator,
And that we exist in a world that is bound by time,
But that is cradled by pillars of eternal joy,
And structurally designed far beyond our human capacity.

I think, therefore I remember,
And I remember all of this insight and introspect,
From when the 6-monoacetylmorphine flowed in my fluid,
And bound itself repeatedly to μ-opioid receptors throughout my mortal flesh,
And especially when the methylene touched the dioxymethamphetamine,
During those fleeting moments when time stood still,
However sincere or insincere the feelings felt,
The chemicals artificially produced,
Manufactured bliss,
But when that day cometh and I will stand on that bridge,
I will know that this time it will be sincere,
Beyond the tears felt when realizing that the son of G*d has risen,
The interface between divine and mortal bridged,
Where the sinless can touch the sinful,
And divine plucks a ripe fruit from the vine,
Which bears the gift for the living,
Which giveth the blood of Christ, our savior,
That we shall all once again arise and ascend into heaven.