Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Land of the Free

Being American means to live, breathe, and exalt freedom to the extent of the founding fathers' life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Our government should

Our government should exist to protect us from instability and anarchy. It should wage war when it is just to do so, and it should be malleable to the point that whenever it becomes destructive to the means of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness it can be abandoned and reconstructed anew just as stated in the declaration of independence.

When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.
I would put my life on the line to preserve it and plan to do so for the rest of my life. I plan to travel the world and change it for the better. I plan to spread the knowledge and exaltation of freedom to those who don't have it. I will stand for the United States of America for now and forever. I will not hesitate in any instance for the freedom that we have achieved in our nation or for the world. Our nation is just the beginning, our freedom is just the beginning. We have the entire world to free and it is our duty and honor to be the nation to spread the freedom since we have become the sole superpower.

Democracy is not the final form of government. It is merely an evolved form of the state of nature just like all of the other forms of government. The importance of democracy as a medium for government is more important than democracy as the government itself. Essentially, democracy is a tool that is put into practice in varying forms. The government of the USA is actually a republic much like the Roman republic of its day. A true democracy is the tyranny of the majority over the minority. It is a dictatorship of the majority. That is why true democracy does not work well and is why we do not use it in the USA. The importance of a government matters to the people, to ethics in general, and to the morals of everyone acting upon, within, or about the people to be governed. That is why our form of government should be constantly refined into a precise machine to fit the ethics and times of our society. I wrote an abstract essay about the abstract form of the republic called "The Elegant Republic" on my blog "The Syncretic Divine". In it the abstract, I wrote about how our republic is a just form of government, but is lacking in certain respects. In the near future and far future, we will need to reconstruct our government into a new beast and our society should look to all aspects of all forms of government for ideas on how to create the perfect government. A perfect government may not exist, but a near-perfect government can be achieved if it is designed well. I think the Utopian society will look to all forms of government including socialism for efforts in achieving this most perfect society that can solve all problems it encounters. Communism with the proper checks and balances would achieve success. The problem with communism is that certain people in government become the ruling authorities. If the proper checks and balances were to occur in republican methodology while wielding the effective communistic and socialistic values in a society, I think it could work to a certain extent. However, for true success, a hybrid of sorts would wield the best balance between all forms of government as directed by scholars, practitioners (of government), and the people in a way that would achieve economic, social, and peaceful stability. Currently our republic is doing quite well for its design. I would put the lifespan on our republic at another good 100 years at least before we even consider to disband the republic for a more improved system of government.

America should never ignore anything. It should look in all directions and try to anticipate all problems and devise solutions to correct the problems. We are entering the global era where globalization is beginning rapid acceleration. America needs to bear witness to this globalization and act upon it by becoming a global member. It needs to root itself into the fabric of the global community so it can compete at all levels of globalization. This is something that our country's inflation, labor unions, and the combined outsourcing of jobs and subsequent lack of retraining for the manufacturing community has contributed to the national economic plateau. If we had anticipated the manufacturing outsourcing and fought the labor unions with proper legislation limiting their powers, we could have solved the problem and prevented the economic plateau. We should have provided abundant training for people losing their job. We should have devised plans to create jobs to replace the ones lost. We are at the mercy of the global capitalistic forces (survival of the fittest) and we became less fit because others in the world became more fit. We aren't lost and the economy isn't in a downturn. We are still rich and powerful and the possibilities are endless on what our country, economy, and people can do to change our plateau into a steep climb again.

The US originated from people in the "old world" looking for a new start. They colonized our country escaping the despotism in Europe. They came looking for opportunity. Unrest grew between England and the colonized land in present day America and we declared our independence from England in a bloody war. We fought the Spanish in a bloody war for our southern border. We let the french and English fight the northern border war for us. We gathered as much land as possible and with our grand foundations and policies in place we proceeded forward. Westward expansion occurred because of the need for more land and through government promotion to expand westward. Many people believed in "manifest destiny" and in many respects I think they were somewhat right in obtaining the land, however, I believe many of the human tragedies of the native Americans are overlooked as just. We stole their land and there isn't any other way to look at it. Generations upon generations of Indians lived in the USA before we took their land from them. Some of it was out of squatting on the land, some of it was taken in bloody war. War was inevitable since the driving westward expansion was unrelenting. After expanding our land conquests, we settled down into the 50 states that we know today. We had set up foreign policy such as the Monroe Doctrine establishing a discrete relationship with any European powers and began to expand our nation economically. Alexander Hamilton does not get much credit for being the guy who essentially laid the concrete for our nation's industrialization. He foresaw so many things accurately that one might be inclined to think that he had traveled to the future. He federalized our economy and brought it to the modern era. Our military was formed into the modern military later on during the world wars, but had been created and used since the very beginning. The civil war was a result of unethical treatment of humans and strong economic progress. Essentially the south was under economic attack by way of claims of unethical treatment of human beings. The north realized the ethics behind the southern economy and began to disband it since the north and south were part of the same nation. It tried to do so legally while many people were doing it illegally. Eventually, the southern states decided that they did not like being criticized for the ethics of their people on economics the north had benefited from, so they seceded and thus began the war. The battle was pretty evenly matched for the most part, but the north had G*d, ethical righteousness, and a strong organized military with more money which gave way to the outcome of the war. After the second world war, the USA gained an upper hand since it had not been bombed and had not been war-torn like Europe or other countries. With the new found elation from winning the war for a just cause and the economic powerhouse of a warring nation, we established our presence upon the world as a superpower. The only other nation also to do so was the USSR (CCCP in Russian). They had not suffered nearly as bad as Europe and had a larger amount of land (resources) and a numerous amount of people that were under the iron fist of communism wielded by dictators. Because the people were controlled in such manner, the government was able to bring about a curtain and shadow itself as a strong nation while only focusing on the military and giving a facade of strength. Instead of lasting, it collapsed under the improperly wielded form of communism. Greed is too powerful and needs to be checked and balanced. That is why republican forms of government work, but non-republican forms of government fail to last beyond the dictator's legacy.

Freedom has enabled our progress and success. I don't understand why you would ask whether the US has made progress in spite of the freedom. It made the progress because of the freedom. The US can offer as much freedom as possible and still be the USA. Freedom is our foundation. Without freedom, we would not be the USA. The more the merrier. There is a limit in certain applicable areas on exactly how much freedom is usable, but the foundations gave good guidelines on the future of freedom. Times change, and freedom can change with it. What would be better than trying to restrict freedom, would be to educate everyone better about their freedoms and why they have those freedoms.

If I could change the USA, I would get rid of our debt and start a national savings. We need to change our economy and educate our citizens on how our country can achieve this. Letting the markets decide is not a perfect solution. Letting the markets decide is only part of the solution. Letting the markets decide is similar to natural selection in nature. We must make a push upon the people about realistic ideas that are thoroughly researched that will enable us to achieve an economic stronghold. We must be able to look past our own selfishness as individuals and as groups of similarly idealized people and zest for an economy based upon reason and strategy that is appropriate to meet the desires of our people as a whole and individually. It is a very, very, very difficult task at hand. Only if it is solved on a major scale and understood to be a correct solution to the masses of people will it become a policy of our national government and actually get solved. Until then, health care, social security, and everything related to economics (which is everything) will have used Alexander Hamilton's name in vain. I think we should get a national program called "living within your means" to help people actually live within their means and limit their spending and debt. I have forsaken my own policy because I fell victim to not being educated on the matter fully enough. It was too easy obtainable and was not mentioned to me much before I became indebted to my own desires to live outside of my means. The solution to debt is a troubled one, but starts with acting. I am slowly resolving the issues and moving forward as the country should do also.

I would put forth plans to align the USA to compete in the new global environment at the highest level and I would strategically align us with the unified global government that is going to eventually take shape. The United Nations is just merely version 1.0. We all live on this planet and we all must work together. There is no such thing as race. Race is only a social definition and is blurry at best. The nation-state is dying in this new worldwide region. Land is closer to everyone and more connections are being made. Economic trade knows no boundaries. The development will continue and our world will begin to evolve into one world instead of many nation states on multiple continents.

For example, I would solve the immigration issue by getting everyone illegally here in the USA to come forward and become accountable on a realistic plan to citizenship. They need to pay taxes. They need to be sheltered from neighborhoods they have gone to live in because they fear the police and government since they are illegal. They need to be taught the language and be properly educated. If they cannot make the grade, they will be deported. These people can be a better asset than they are by making them legal and finding out how many people are actually here. We can better account for their presence and actually charge them for being here. If they remain illegal, they don't pay taxes. Unless we actively go out and deport everyone that is illegal, then we are just contributing to the problem and not acting upon a solution. Deportation needs to be in strong enforcement. We need to control the new immigration and prevent any future illegal immigration. We should increase our immigration quotas to meet some of the demand. We need to invest in stimulating growth in Mexico, so that immigration is not a first option for most people living in other countries. There isn't a massive immigration from Canada to the USA for a reason. It is NOT race. It is the economic policies and industrialization that Canada has done to make it's country industrialized. Corruption and dictatorships have waged a battle upon the people south of us and have caused a distress that has enabled a massive immigration. Our grand success has also given allure to opportunity just like it was alluring for Europeans to make the trip to here. If we can help bring Mexico to our world, Mexican citizens won't be fleeing in large numbers to the north.

That is just one more detailed viewpoint I have on how to solve the many problems facing our country.

I wouldn't want to live anywhere else besides the USA as a permanent residence. I would like to visit almost the entire world and I would like to live in a few areas for a limited amount of time such as France, China, the Caribbean, and maybe Dubai, but I would not want to live there permanently.

Dictatorship is not a good form of government. If a dictator is a decent leader and does not pick a good successor, then his nation will decline and his people will suffer. Also, if a decent leader is in power in a dictatorship, he or she is at risk of being vetted against by someone wishing to have the power. A dictatorship does however breed strong leadership. Aspects of a dictatorship are applied to the executive branch of a republic because of this need for leadership in a nation. If we truly went to a democracy, we would be at the mercy of the popular opinion which can easily be swayed. If we only went to the values of a republic democracy, we would be at the mercy of congress and no decisions would ever get made in a timely manner. Thus, the executive branch exists to steady the nation in mainly short-term decisions compared to long-term decisions held for the judicial and legislative branch. It eases the decision making process and makes it more decisive.

Communism is an extension of utilitarianism thought into government. At its purist form, it is ideal only if the human consequences do not outweigh the benefits. Because humans are so dynamic and are held just above animals, but just below G*d and angels, we are considered to be sentient and unable to actively suffer indoctrinated communism, so we must elaborate upon pure communistic ideals to bring about any success with it. Since the only forms of communism have been executed in poorly managed forms of government that used tyranny to wield the power rather than setting up a republican form of communism, nothing has ever become of it. China is only successful because of its strong economic might. The communism will fall when India takes China's back burner on manufacturing the world's products in the next 10 to 20 years. China has proven that communism is at least minimally successful within certain restraints. The only problem is that freedom was withheld from the foundations of the government and therefore has suffered so.

Pure democracy does not work. The majority of the people will always win and the minority will be ruled by the majority unjustly. Representation of the minority must exist to justify democratic principles on a diverse and vast group of people such as a nation in the form of republicanism.

Socialism is communism with less economic communism and more social responsibility for the government to bear. I think it could be successful if managed correctly and is more what China is because China wields capitalism very strongly as their economic policy while underlining social policies in a communal form. It fails when the social responsibility is a greater burden than the government can handle. Because the problems to social responsibility involve everyone in society from economics to the military, socialism is not a broad enough form of government to handle its own claims of strength nor handle any other forms of problems that would plight a nation-state.

Anarchy is where we came from and existed in the "state of nature" as quoted and understood very thoroughly by Thomas Hobbes, one of my most favorite philosophers and political scientists. It only worked for humans as animals and does not apply to humans as people with unalienable rights. Nothing can be provided in the way of security or stability that is necessary for large society, especially when other societies with greater abilities begin to evolve around them and exist. Survival of the fittest and so anarchy is killed off by communal contracts, then dictatorships, then oligarchies, then democracies, then republics. However, anarchy is exactly where humans are taken if the moral and ethical spirit of humans are taken away. Humans become animals when we lose civilization. We were animals and still are under our fleshy skin. We only exist above animals because of the creation of civilization and the desire for stability beyond anarchy.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

From the Cynical to the Optimistic

Perceived End-of-Oil

I have a very cynical outlook on the future concerning "peak oil". I believe that it has already begun to affect us. I think that essentially any society or any person who relies on oil, which is everyone except for the country of Brazil, will be in deep demise because of the rising price of oil. However, that concept is nothing new, but what I don't think anyone has considered is the "perceived end-of-oil" by the markets. The price for crude oil per barrel is already predicted at over $150 per barrel in a little under just one year! To think that onlyl a mere year ago it was half that price! So, if gasoline is directly related to the price of crude oil, it will have doubled in price by next year. Doubling in two years time is a sharp increase for any economy. If the future prediction is correct, and that prediction is by market analysts not doomsday predictors or someone selling a book, then we are in for a ride of a lifetime!

The Domino Effect

Inflation among many other dire events will contribute to an economic crash of any oil economy. The United States of America will have trouble for sure and then the rest of the world will follow since all of our economies are interlinked in this new world of globalization and the global economy. If any of this sounds familiar, then it is because it is already happening as you read this. It will be like dominos beginning to fall and everyone will feel it whether they use oil or not.

Bioethanol Riots

I doubt the issues concerning bioethanol production and people rioting because of food prices rising will end up happening as a few have mentioned. It sounds viable at this moment since the recent rise in food prices worldwide, but I don't think that we are going to have a problem with any riots towards the use of food for bioethanol in the mid-term. First of all, food prices are rising because of transportation costs because of oil prices and also because of many droughts possibly caused by climate change. They are not directly rising because of bioethanol production and that thinking is counterintuitive because the production of bioethanol will lower the price of food transportation, thus reducing the price of food.

Algae, The Savior

Beyond the next year or two, there will be no concern towards the use of corn as the main ingredient for bioethanol fuel production. Scientists have already figured out a solution for not using any type of food as fuel. They have come up with a very easy way to use algae to produce bioethanol instead of corn. Making fuel from corn in the first place wasn't a wise idea since food is already scarce amongst the world. I wonder what Malthus would say today since he was "proven" wrong in the past, but might be "proven" correct in the near future. I think the few who came up with the idea to use corn for fuel were basically looking at Brazil and modeling their bioethanol production after the sugarcane method. I wouldn't want the air smelling like popcorn anyway!

Forced to Conserve, Finally!

I also think that this rise in oil price will push people to conserve although doubtful for some people because they could care less. Through that conservation, which is already happening because of the price of gasoline, people will look at new ways to save money on their gasoline consumption which actually helps the Earth and helps avoid a total collapse because of oil addiction. I've seen news specials about people driving less, planning their trips better, and even trying to maximize their gas mileage in many strange and extreme ways such as finding paths that avoid steep inclines, avoiding accelerating and deccelerating, and parking purposely on inclines to allow an easy drive away from their parking spot. It is extreme, but it is working for those people and the number of people doing these methods is on the rise. Unfortunately their conservation does not counteract the lack of conservation by the majority of people.

Green Momentum

I also must say that this "green" movement has caught on very strong since Al Gore's 7.7.07 Live Earth event. Everywhere that I look corporations are talking "green" or advertising "green". Of course some of the advertising really has no merit, but a lot of it does have merit and is truely "green". I am impressed and a little surprised with this movement and the momentum that it gained.

Drowning Altruism

In the long run, if we don't switch to bioethanol produced from algae and then eventually move to hydrogen fuel, we are up a creek without a paddle. I think it will happen, but it will happen just about 5 to 10 years too late as far as preventing some of the disasters that are possible such as an economic depression, severe climate change, and many political wars over food and oil. Humans will survive though, but hard times are ahead before the "idiots in charge" actually shift us into the future instead of profiting from the past. I don't mean oil companies or the president either. By "idiots in charge", I mean the general populace and the legislature. People are selfish by default and don't care about the Earth. Even the so called liberals and environmentalists don't seem to care about the Earth. I say this because I was the only one who rode my bike to vote in the Democratic Primary in Texas and I consider myself more Republican! If that doesn't explain the problem of lazy people and their self-interests overwhelming their altruistic concerns, then I don't know how to do it any better.

Do It Now

People are a lot of talk, but very little action. Not until they are forced to act, which is essentially what I think will happen, do people actually take their words and act upon them. This myopic viewpoint on action applies to energy conservation and even bigger problems such as the possibility of climate change. How can you solve a problem if you are unwilling to make significant sacrifices to solve these seemingly impossible problems when you can't see past the next month or year or even 10 years in regards to your actions. Small actions don't seem to make a difference so people don't even do those. Small actions over a period of time adds up to a very significant amount. One must think as big as seven generations or bigger. Humans have been here a long time and will be here for a very long time even if chaos breaks out in the near future because of the crisis of "peak oil". We adapt and survive very well. Only events such as an all out nuclear war or a serious asteroid collision could eliminate us from the planet. Even then, a few might survive and begin anew much like the story of Noah. Then a couple thousand years later there will be a human society once again.

Lullaby for Gaia

The one thing that makes me feel at peace at night and when I look upon nature in it's raw form is if humans live or die, nature will prevail. If we die from this planet, nature will regain control of the planet and equalize everything back to how it was before our impact. Similar to how Planet of the Apes shows the future with the Statue de la Liberté burried deep below the sand minus the talking apes on horses. If we don't die, we will have solved most if not all of the problems concerning this Earth and we will hopefully become the protectors of this planet that we were supposed to be.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Inner Warmth

Wordle: The Inner WarmthWordle: The Inner WarmthWordle: The Inner Warmth

The Love I Seek

All I seek is for a girl to want me and love me for who I am and who I will become by experiencing life with me.

I want someone who can handle deep thought and penetrate my soul with ideas that will stimulate me to new avenues of contemplation.

I want someone who has a great sense of humor and can make me laugh and enjoy her company.

I want someone who is creative and ambitious with dreams of her own to fulfill. I want a girl to tell me that she loves me and mean it 1000%.

I won't be truly absolutely happy in this world until I hear those meaningful words and feel the inner warmth of the sincerity behind them equally reciprocated. That's what love is about.

Tantric Energy

Sex is just a method of harnessing the energy that surrounds humans in love. It's the mystical practice of reproduction. It's the natural program that drives us to reproduce, divinely created, that nature has put forth to help ensure the survival of our species. It's the reason we are here today.

Respecting sexual desire, yet embracing it, and somehow delivering upon the animal instinct will ensure that nature continues with it's unfolding mystery, but focusing your energy upon love will allow for your spirit to rise above the animal kingdom and revel in the glory of what it means to be human.

We, as humans, are aware that we aren't Gods, but that we aren't just animals either. We are the evolutionary step between the past and the future. We are the great living division between the animal kingdom and the heavenly kingdom, the missing link between angels and apes.


One day, one day, one day the heavenly kingdom will fall upon our existence in one of three ways.

The first, most told story of heavenly revelation is that it will be divinely bestowed upon the world by the supreme being of this universe.

The second method of heavenly revelation concerns the elapsing of so much time that there isn't enough great minds in the world to comprehend the number of years that would pass that would lead to the greatest tranquil gesture of the universe, ceasing to exist like dust blown into the wind, forever gone.

The last great chance of capturing blissful euphoria that our human passion wishes upon our species is creating the great reward. If we reward our species or trans-humanistic species of the future for our wisdom acquired over the millennia by creating the heavenly body ourselves. Coming to our senses about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and love. Once we realize our power over nature, our philosophical position amongst the divine, our ethical challenges swept under the welcome mat of the past, we will begin to embrace the sunshine and fade into the westerly sunset of the future. Infinite joy, infinite warm sadness of liquid tears that will sorrow the souls who could toiled so hard to help our beings gain power over our domain.

We will become the future, we will save the past, we will alter the beginning and make sure to contain all life in positive form free at last from the mortality that binds us all. We will become the divinity that we hope for. We will make all dreams a reality and will persist forever after in utopia, in bliss, in euphoria, in ever increasing narcotic serotonin swells of pure pleasure amongst which the foundations of love will be the purest form of angelic behavior that will redeem the soul. The fields of light. Champs-Élysées. Heaven.

The Odds of Love

I've decided that leaving love to chance is not a worthy strategy. I will try my best not to leave any stone unturned. I am currently systematically approaching this problem from the realistic aspect and actually in doing so helping my consciousness and subconsciousness consider the select few that I have encountered thus far in life. I have decided that I don't wish to waste any more time on trivial relationships that don't nurture love and beyond. I need to pursue my inner thoughts and look forward to the future.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Efficiency, Enlightenment, and Beyond

Wordle: Efficiency, Enlightenment, and Beyond (Tuesday, January 29, 2008)Wordle: Efficiency, Enlightenment, and Beyond (Tuesday, January 29, 2008)Wordle: Efficiency, Enlightenment, and Beyond (Tuesday, January 29, 2008)

Becoming Enlightened

I am becoming more and more enlightened everyday through music, philosophy, literature, current events, religious introspect, scientific discovery, and mathematical reasoning. This might sound odd, but to me seeking enlightenment is central to my being and to my original outlook on life. I lost this outlook for a time, but I regained it and it is stronger than ever.

The Path to Enlightenment

Many things have helped me achieve a continuing path to enlightenment. I started out as a young mind that looked for understanding in the world as I grew into an adult. Only in retrospect did I realize that I was on the right path and that everything I ever stumbled upon or believed in had influenced my path to enlightenment.

Knowledge of Life

What is this enlightenment that I speak of? It's the knowledge of life, the awareness of G*d and divinity, the synchronization between yourself and nature and with natural phenomenon. It is the philosophical grounding and perpetual introspect that is necessary to function at a high level of consciousness. It is the basis on using your mind as a tool of perception to merge all ideas from all walks of life into the syncretic divine. We are humans. We are animals. We are protectors of the planet. We are alive. We are social. We are creators. Evil and good exist in every scope of life and you are offered a choice to discern your actions based upon your soul (the collective consciousness of all your memories, thoughts, and moral imperatives and your physical hard-wiring as well as the software construct that exists deep inside your brain). The future is upon us, and the only constant is change.

Moments of Epiphany

I have had many moments of epiphany throughout my life from natural, irrational, glorious, unexpected, and even narcotic experiences. Eventually a persistent internal torturing of the mind nurtured my epiphanies that followed. Those epiphanies forced me to face the surreal and introspective demons and emerge a mentally strong individual adamant on the advent of positive thinking, hope, and capable of anything. My path through life has been hard at times and then easy the next minute, but definitely it has been interesting and thorough in many respects. I am currently still pursuing my dreams and aspirations and attacking the battlefront of the increasing weight of the master-clock of time by systematically and efficiently using the latest tools available to log, track, organize, project, and efficiently utilize the few moments of time that exist each day to my fullest advantage.

Nature and Loving It

I have come to know nature again. I used to be in touch with it, but lost touch through living in the big city away from the "bubble" (The Woodlands, TX) where woods prevailed. I then came into various moments of enrapture with my hobby of surfing and love for the mystical ocean. I became inclined to like the lovely hill country once I moved to San Antonio and then to San Marcos. It has definitely brought me back to nature. I was most recently influenced to make a difference in the world environmentally by a few unexpected factors. My now ex-girlfriend and her habits of recycling and then Al Gore. Don't rush to judgement about my beliefs on global warming or because Al Gore motivated me to rationalize my concern for the environment, but yes I think for myself and I used my own intellect to draw my own conclusions about the moral implications of inaction. The global warming issue is a separate and albeit important issue, but not related to my moral moment of clarity regarding nature and inaction. Thus, I arrived at my current beliefs that are sound and valid. I seek only the truth and altruistically I seek it.


I hope that everyone can begin to realize the consequences of their own actions and begin to be accountable for them. I personally think people have become complacent in their ability to actualize what they impact by their own actions. Many environmental campaigns seek action on individuals, yet they fall on deaf ears. People have begun to tune out the truth because it hurts. To be accused of waste or to be accused of an immoral action by your inaction is a personal attack and people try to defend themselves at all costs from such an attack. I say think of efficiency in exaggerated terms to pinpoint your necessities and reduce the waste. For example, imagine that gasoline costs about $20/gallon. At that cost, what type of driving habits do you force upon yourself. Necessity is more evident in such an extreme mental exercise. Imagine that "phantom power" from your electronics devices is equivalent to a leaky faucet. You wouldn't want to allow the leak to persist. You would call a plumber or fix it yourself almost immediately. Imagine that water is a precious commodity that you have to walk over ten miles to bring to your place of residence. If such a journey was required for your water, then you would value its conservation to a highest degree. It is this extreme mental makeover that is necessary to place the seed of a grassroots effort to alter society's perception on efficiency and waste. These mental distortions provide me hope that one day every mind can see the truth about efficiency and beyond. One day, we might all live amongst each other throughout the world in a harmony of all religions, science, and philosophy in a social utopia focusing upon the syncretic divine.


People are not as responsible as they might have been in the past generations. Everyday you hear about someone involved in a hit and run accident. Why do people avoid their responsibility? Why do people avoid any such tarnishing to their own self-esteem and lower themselves to immoral behavior. I think one of the best examples of a turnaround for such irresponsibility was Michael Vick's admittance to his injustices. He made a tough choice, but the honorable one. Hiding behind lawyers and pleas of nolo contendere is cowardly.

Words of Wisdom

Please take heed to the words of wisdom that I speak, but only that I speak these to enable those who have pushed off the inevitable as long as possible that we need to come to terms with our current moral situations. By no means, do I imply that I am perfect or anywhere close. I have wasted my fair share and for that I feel heavy guilt, but my inspiration comes from my bold initiatives to stand firm on my beliefs in the face of adverse reactions and to persuade people about the enlightenment that I have found.

Mother Gaea

Beyond being in tune with Mother Gaea and the life force that appears evident to me that exists in all beings on this planet, I have speculated on how to focus my efforts of enlightenment to make improvements in my own life for the betterment of myself, and for the betterment of those that I will influence and those that I will directly seek to help.

Embracing the Future

Embrace the future and see what is out there! I have found new tools brought forth by Web 2.0 that have given me a voice that is growing stronger and that I can manipulate the flows of information and ideas and progress in a systematic way forward.

Embracing the Sunshine and Starlight

The positive attitude revolves around the way you view the future, your viewpoint on the world, your viewpoint of yourself, and the forward progress no matter how old, how strong, how sick, or how impoverished or beaten down by the mishaps in life that you may be. Embrace the positive attitude like you embrace sunshine. Don't shun away from it vampirically, but look to it for hope. If you are nocturnal, then look to the stars for guidance in forward thinking and embrace the starlight of the cosmos.

Forward Progress

Forward progress in all aspects of life can be achieved until that last breath of life that you breathe. Do not give up, do not give in, do not subside in the ongoing pursuit of your happiness no matter the circumstances.

Carpe Diem

On that note, consider abolishing your New Year's resolutions! What?!? Yes, abolish them and establish a resolution that you will enact EVERY SINGLE DAY! Every day is a new day, a new year, a new beginning that you can strive to achieve your goals. Make your goals reasonable, yet set them high enough and you will begin to move forward with very little backsliding. Nothing is impossible because everything possible so far was originally considered impossible in the very beginning when darkness ruled the light.

The Revolution of the Self

Get your body in great shape mentally, spiritually, and physically. They all hold powers upon each other like a great checks and balances system that represents a revered republic. In order to maximize your results you need to focus on all aspects of your being. Spiritually seek out answers, physically practice and push yourself to new limits, mentally find ways to reduce your stress and start with eliminating the stressors in your life, and find a way to sync your biological being to the infamous bio-clock called the circadian rhythm. Once in sync with it, your body will find it easier to focus on the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of life. Improve your nutrition to emphasize your mental and physical powers and utilize your intellect to ponder the deep and impenetrable fortress of philosophic reasoning about religion and hope. Don't give up completely on religion, but look to it to answer your questions about where you have come. Look to it to find out how your entity represented by the coding blocks of your DNA has been transformed over thousands of human years and how the collective being of your nurtured upbringing considered by some as your soul has endured your life's progression thus far, and then ponder how your life has joined forces with the other humans currently alive at this juncture in history to be relevant for the future. Amen.