Friday, October 9, 2009

Noble Nobel

For all of those doubting his merits worthy of this award, I'd like to know from you an answer to the following question.

Who do you think is more worthy than he for this "peace" prize?

I'm not trying to start a heated debate, but only asking for your opinions about candidates purportedly "more worthy" for consideration for the Nobel Peace Prize than President Obama.

Personally, I'm surprised about the announcement, but when I first heard it on today's show, I reminded myself that this prize is for a person's efforts in global peace not scientific research or discovery. Those efforts are separate Nobel awards.

As far as his efforts in peace, I do think that President Obama has influenced the world in a mostly positive and peaceful manner and in numerous dimensions of impact for consideration for the award including being more thorough in his approach for world peace, having a far-reaching world-effect for peace and the collaboration of disparate peoples for peace, and most notably by breaking cultural, religious, philosophical, and political barriers throughout the world, far beyond the borders of this globally powerful nation, that he is the chief executive.

Yes, most of his "work" has been more or less just the sheer impact from his persona, charisma, and oratory performances, but this alone has changed the minds, opened the hearts, and actually made a difference to one degree or another. Coupled with his actual power, plans and actions for diplomacy, complex and ethically challenging executive decisions, and his efforts to make real the vivid narratives of peace that he has spoken about, I think that his promises for peace and general good will should have been acknowledged on a world forum and none other more satisfactory for this level of acknowledgement than the Nobel Peace Prize.

I'll cite Obama's inauguration speech with the "we will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist" remarks, his Cairo speech to the Muslim world (of which 25% of the world's population is Muslim), his "Tough Love" speech toward the African nations, people and continent, and his recent speech to US school children about responsibility and hard work as a few examples of his oratory expositions' simple, but influential impact upon the world with peace and understanding at the core of the ends of his means.

I'm sure not everyone will agree with me, but I do see the logic that the Nobel Prize Committee used for their decision, but unless I hear of someone else that has had a greater impact or greater merits of attempts for peace in the world than President Obama, then I do believe that the committee made the right decision and chose the best candidate for the award.