Monday, July 9, 2007

Energy Independence: Addiction to Oil

Wordle: Energy Independence - Addiction to Oil (Monday, July 9, 2007)Wordle: Energy Independence - Addiction to Oil (Monday, July 9, 2007)Wordle: Energy Independence - Addiction to Oil (Monday, July 9, 2007)

Global warming or not, an energy crisis looms in front of us. It will be a much greater doom than anything we could imagine if we are still addicted to oil when we run out of oil.

There are a few countries on this world like Brazil, but one of the most distinguishing marks about it is that the country is now energy independent from the world. If oil were to run out today, I would move to Brazil (on foot of course...yes, no oil means no planes, cars, or buses). Maybe I would take a ship with sails, but that's more dangerous than walking.

Anyway, energy independence should be a main reason we are seeking to become green. Not necessarily for global warming, as many suspect that global warming isn't really happening. They might need to take a look at melting icebergs and what not, but even so.

The ebb and flow of the world could be such that the warming temperatures of our planet have little to do with human effect and more to do with natural progression of our planet's atmospheric cycles over long periods of time.

Heck, the magnetic north pole is on the verge of a 10,000 year old switch where compasses will point to the south pole instead of the north pole, so who is to say that global warming is or isn't really happening. It's a debatable question, much like that of evolution.

It all deals with perception and scientific evidence as well as emotional attachment to the planet. Whether you subscribe to global warming or not, energy independence should be your main goal in helping reduce our energy consumption, so that if a catastrophic event occurred and we were forced to tap into the oil reserves, we could feel comfortable knowing that the oil reserves would last longer because of our conservation efforts.

Also, by pouring money into the "green" efforts, we also can pour money into building the infrastructures needed to harness green power such as "windtricity" and solar panel technology. Such infrastructure like that is needed to make us energy independent and able to sustain after the last drop of oil is consumed.

Make that your number one priority that your children and grand children will not look back on you as avoiding the call to arms about fighting energy dependence and our addiction to oil, but that you helped overcome the addiction and helped build the infrastructure necessary to carry our energy independence to the 21st century and beyond.

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