Monday, October 18, 2010


Origins, originally uploaded by Jason A. Samfield.

What are our origins?

It's amazing that our bodies are built upon technology that has been passed to us through each replication of the DNA strain and through each cell division. Meosis, mitosis, and it continues again.

There is the moment of rebirth when our genetic code is mixed with new code in a grander scheme of hedging the bets for species survival, but is the individual just an illusion and instead we are really a parts of a huge composite structure of machinery that completes the system of divinity?

This thought resurfaced a pensive perspective on the philosophy, storyline, and plot that makes up the chapters of famous and infamous Hollywood trilogy "The Matrix", especially some of the latter chapters that are commonly deemed less popular amongst the masses.

Are we just an experimental device, a mouthpiece for control over the dominion of evolutionary advantage such that our DNA is mixed into a combinatorial cocktail and then reborn anew time and time again for the pure fact of increasing the probability of species survival and thusly letting the natural forces at bay enhance and design our technology?

With all of this illusion and deceiving, it's hard to discern reality from dream, so it comes to light that we are a product of continuous being whereby there has been no end since the beginning. Is this so? And all this where the replication from one system to another has been so seamless that an illusion upon an illusion upon an illusion began to surface seemingly making us distinct individuals, when in fact we are but one grand individual?

There is no spoon, yet there is no divinity. I find this to be simultaneously true and false at the same time, which is blasphemy at its best. There isn't a spoon, it's all an illusion, but yet we do exist, we think, breathe, eat, and live, then where is the divinity? Is it all around us, including us, ourselves, our individualistic entities of existential being?

We are also not multiple beings, but one continuous breed of life that has been spawned, remixed, recoded, reconfigured time and time again just to maintain strength, vigor, and an edge on the competition in this jungle of an environment.

Ultimately, we are one. We are one being, one machine, one system, one divinity. We will not fully become aware of our supremeness nor immortality until we have reached our destination called destiny, but when we do reach it, we will be one, and with that oneness, we will be divine.

La machine parfaite est divinité.

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