Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jewel: The Human Distortion

There is a precious gem in our possession. It's an heirloom of great worth that has been passed down to us from generation to generation for many of generations. It's a priceless jewel amongst us that we are almost undoubtedly unaware about and almost at all times too! It surrounds us and protects us from the great unknowns of the universe. It aspires to keep the mysterious magic alive between us and the mystical moments.

What is it? It's a mere refraction of reality that we take for granted everyday as if nothing like it actually existed. It is our perception of the world. Our human distortion. The human distortion.

Every fleeting glimpse of your life is seen through this changing lens that morphs with our growth as individuals and as a culture of wholly beings. It's a malleable lens that we take with us throughout our life journeys constantly changing it to keep the focus on what we're interested in. If something catches our eye, we change the focal points to that or whatever that we find the most interesting.

Mostly, we are in complete control of the lens, even though the environment shapes us nearly throughout our lives, but we are so dearly unaware of our control over the lens that we generally surrender to its will as if it were an autonomous entity.

I speak of the perceptions and perspectives, the point-of-views and moral compasses, the guiding lights we claim to see. I speak about the philosophic doctrine and rigorous rituals that we repeat and repent with each day. We claim to choose who we are and what we do, but sometimes we see it differently. We think we find ourselves or discover what makes us tick. In fact, both might be correct, or neither at all. It's like the ultimate problem of whether the glass is half-empty or half-full. Do we really have control over our perspective? Do we really own the rights to our movie?

Perceptions are generally not very broad, but very narrow. Even if you are the most open-minded person you think that you know, your perceptions of the world still exist within a box which your subconsciousness has been trying to shut since it was opened at your birth.

The stream of ideas, the sensory overload, the resonating neural networks with some sort of organization garnering the merit as a true intelligence, they are all funneled into our human distortion. We distort the self-image, we dam the stream into lakes and reservoirs of pent up ideas. We place circuit breakers at every turn and corner. We make sure the acoustics of our mind are as sound and silencing as a vocal booth in a recording studio instead of an epic chamber of a Gothic cathedral.

We discern every detail of life through this changing lens that gets morphed, repositioned, and sometimes melted along the way, but we are generally unaware that this shield is there protecting us from the things outside of the box. Not until we claim to have no fear and we knowingly choose to jump outside of the box, in a various number of ways, do we fully understand the full extent of our imprisonment or shall I say containment from the real world. When shall we be free, when we shall cease to be.

When we jump through the doorway to the other side, the veil gets lifted and reality sets in. It's a twisted world and yet marvelously beautiful, however, the deeper we go, the deeper it seems to get. The rabbit hole is a fathomless abyss and the mystery infinite.

Let me give you a fair warning, danger exists outside of the box. Do not attempt to discover the truth alone and definitely don't try to discover it without the proper guidance. It is a wildly wicked world that we are sheltered from, yet with our censoring blinders, it appears tame. Those blinders are but a necessary caveat of life as we know it in order to be shielded from the chaos.

For instance, imagine a carriage ride through a city's central park pulled by a horse sans blinders that gets spooked at every street corner ironically by of all things horseless carriages! The ride would be less than romantic, albeit dangerous and exciting. So, buckle up and enjoy it if you dare to stray from the pack, but simmer down if you choose to merge with the masses and maintain your sheepish status.

This is the aspect of life that abounds us all in a glory from the highest which I call the great human distortion. It's our most beautiful, sacred diamond in the rough. Let's polish her up so that we can see the she-devil in all of her sparkling glory.

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