Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Perfect Love

The perfect love is the person with the most complete embodiment of everything compatible in both contrast and comparison to yourself such that they have a mind that can uncover all of the hidden mystery and intricacies of life with you for the moments that you are both in love with each other, a body to accompany the mind with the most delicate features and sensual curves worthy of aesthetic appreciations of all kinds, and a soul who's spirit is unbreakable, loving, caring, and extraordinary in every way comprehensible for you such that they will always give you unconditional love, affection, and pure trust for you and in the relationship, so far so, that the love, affection, and trust would extend beyond mere words or meanings, but in undeniable action both in the present and in the future for as long as you are in love, everlasting.
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