Monday, June 4, 2007

Jumping Through Hoops

Wordle: Jumping Through Hoops (Monday, June 4, 2007)Wordle: Jumping Through Hoops (Monday, June 4, 2007)Wordle: Jumping Through Hoops (Monday, June 4, 2007)

Since there are hoops to jump through in order to graduate, I'm willing to make those jumps. If they hold the hoop up, I'm willing to jump through it only if that means I can graduate. If they say jump, I will definitely ask "how high?" I want to graduate and I desire this degree more than anything at the moment. I will reacquire my Summa Cum Laude status soon. It won't take long; I just need to be patient, steadfast, and strong in school.

I'm looking to make progress on my degree this summer and maybe start up my mathematical research again. I might be able to finally acquire a computer to run my program for finding a very large prime number. I've been doing this research for almost 3 years now, actively for about 1.5 years. I will finally get to finish it up and work on the computer program's finalities and also document all of my work so that I can publish it. Hopefully, this will be my key to entry into graduate school at UT.

I've been into computer science and math since an early age. I grew adapt to programming from learning to program on a TI calculator using my self-taught trial and error. This same self-taught discovery is how I also began to compose music on the piano, discover electronic music creation and audio engineering prior to my formalization at the Audio Engineering Institute, as well as how I learned to do graphic design. I strongly believe in self-taught methods of learning. When you teach yourself something, you know it inside and out and you acquire your learning through a method that allows you to better understand and especially retain the memory of your findings. It also helps you increase your learning beyond a certain point by knowing how you got there, and thus knowing how to go further and push the boundaries of your education in that subject matter.

On a side note to being excited about restarting my math research, I'm interested in the fact that by jumping through the hoops which the university has set out for me, I will in fact have more time this summer than I expected. I can't take the harder classes this session because they aren't offered, so I'm in the easier classes that I still need, but that allows me time to travel, have free time, get caught up on every aspect of my life including my math research, my music, my finances, my hobbies, my health and wellness, my fitness, and my inner being which can only mean one thing. I'm definitely going surfing this summer!
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